Sunday, August 16, 2015

July 2015
I got to go to Burley for exchanges which was awesome, I loved serving their. I did not get a chance to go to my old area though or see anyone I knew, I enjoyed it.
It has been in the low triple digits this week, no one here likes it. Since Sister A and I are both from hot areas we are handling it better than most people are.
We got a car for this transfer it is awesome, not a lot of miles on it so we are still mostly biking.
Went to the area where Evil Knivel jumped when he was younger it is in are area.
One question we get asked alot is what was your reaction to your mission call? I have always said that I was excited and still am, I love this area and the people here.
We went to Bridgeview and also did some service projects for members here. Was able to listen to 2 homecoming talks in are wards this past week they were awesome.
Did some street contacting this week.
We made some peach pies at a members house and then shared them with a non member couple it was pretty awesome.
We are trying to get the members to start sharing the gospel with more of their non member friends and neighbors so we went and talked to alot of the youth classes today.
Both Sister A and I think we will be transferred since we are loosing alot of sister's this transfer and last transfer. We were encouraged to get are books in order for who ever takes over this area. I will be sad to leave since this area has been awesome, their are alot of wonderful people here in the Twin Falls Stake.

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