Sunday, August 16, 2015

May 2015

Made May Day baskets and took them around with the lady we live with. Went to the care center and visited with people their. Spent a lot of time on our bikes, a lot of people were not home which was not fun.
It is starting to get warm here but nothing like what you guys will be experiencing soon. We also have had a number of rain storms(biking is no fun then). The Lord does bless us, when we leave to get on our bikes it stops long enough for us to get to the next area before it starts up again.

I loved Skyping with all of you it was so wonderful.
Sister M and I taught at District meeting. We have had some great discussions with some non members which has been awesome. Was able to go to the temple it was awesome. Sister M and I are staying together for this transfer, this is her last transfer then she goes home.

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