Sunday, August 16, 2015

July 2015
I got to go to Burley for exchanges which was awesome, I loved serving their. I did not get a chance to go to my old area though or see anyone I knew, I enjoyed it.
It has been in the low triple digits this week, no one here likes it. Since Sister A and I are both from hot areas we are handling it better than most people are.
We got a car for this transfer it is awesome, not a lot of miles on it so we are still mostly biking.
Went to the area where Evil Knivel jumped when he was younger it is in are area.
One question we get asked alot is what was your reaction to your mission call? I have always said that I was excited and still am, I love this area and the people here.
We went to Bridgeview and also did some service projects for members here. Was able to listen to 2 homecoming talks in are wards this past week they were awesome.
Did some street contacting this week.
We made some peach pies at a members house and then shared them with a non member couple it was pretty awesome.
We are trying to get the members to start sharing the gospel with more of their non member friends and neighbors so we went and talked to alot of the youth classes today.
Both Sister A and I think we will be transferred since we are loosing alot of sister's this transfer and last transfer. We were encouraged to get are books in order for who ever takes over this area. I will be sad to leave since this area has been awesome, their are alot of wonderful people here in the Twin Falls Stake.

June 2015
Zone Conference was great, Sister M was sick so we came home as soon as it was over.
Went to Dirkies lake for Zone activity this month.
Both Sister M and I spoke  at an 8 year old's baptism it was awesome. Went to Bridgeview and went on splits with members in one of our wards.
We got to watch Meet the Mormons with some recent converts and a non member it was awesome.
Went and visited with people so Sister M could say good bye to people, I will miss having her as a companion. I am getting Sister A from my MTC group which will be fun.

May 2015

Made May Day baskets and took them around with the lady we live with. Went to the care center and visited with people their. Spent a lot of time on our bikes, a lot of people were not home which was not fun.
It is starting to get warm here but nothing like what you guys will be experiencing soon. We also have had a number of rain storms(biking is no fun then). The Lord does bless us, when we leave to get on our bikes it stops long enough for us to get to the next area before it starts up again.

I loved Skyping with all of you it was so wonderful.
Sister M and I taught at District meeting. We have had some great discussions with some non members which has been awesome. Was able to go to the temple it was awesome. Sister M and I are staying together for this transfer, this is her last transfer then she goes home.

April 2015
General Conference was awesome, I loved it.
Went and introduced my new companion Sister M to the members of the ward's we are serving in.
My new companion is so different then I am but she is so funny, she is awesome.
We have had some great opportunities to serve others in this area. We had exchanges which are always fun and interesting.
This is from a dinner appointment we had both Sister M and I got to sit in the car our district and Sister M and I .

August 16,2015

Sister Patterson just passed her hump day on her mission, I can not believe how quickly her mission has seemed to have gone thus far. She is now in her 3rd area and her 5th and 6th companions, she is currently serving with Sister T(who goes home this upcoming week) and Sister J who has only been out a short time.

Some highlights of the past several months..

March 2015
Our district before transfers..

Sunday, May 17, 2015

March 2015/ New Area/ New Companion

Dear Family,
the next temple trip is on Briana's Birthday! will make sure I will do that and take pictures of the temple.
Wow, I am glad that you are all safe, I can't believe that is the second time since I have left that there has been something like that happen to you all.

Monday- went to Shoshone falls!
Wednesday- Elder and Sister B (who are in  1st Ward) fed us dinner! it was awesome!
Thursday- 8 hrs of Weekly Planning then Splits for 15th ward, I went with a newly returned Sister Missionary, she is awesome!
Friday- Zone Meeting
Saturday- Progress records and other Missionary work
Sunday- Regional Broadcast a member of the seventy, 2nd councolor in YW, and Elder Perry spoke! have a new investigator, met her and she is awesome.
Well that is about it, I will send pictures
Love you all!
Sister Patterson
 Dear Family, 
Sounds like you had fun with the inspection at school., I never liked it when they came into our classes, the teachers were always stressed about it. Excited for Kiri M to have her mission call.
Monday, the district played Signs. it was funny to watch.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our zone (or the ones participating) practiced for our musical number.
Thursday zone conference was good.
Friday taught early morning seminary
Saturday helped clean up after the stake women's conference (we were unable to make it)
Sunday had a really busy day planned but almost all of our appointments fell through. 

Love you all,

Dear Family,
Since Sister B is going home, and our area is doing too well to whitewash (putting two missionaries there that have not been there before) I will be staying, I don't know if I am ready to lead and area though. the weather has been nice here... like regular winter back home so have not needed a jacket finally. we might need a frost. 
put your names on the temple prayer roll

Monday- went to hike around Dirkey's (spelling?) lake and hidden lakes for zone activities
Tuesday- district meeting and lunch, then went to the temple! then had to take a ton of pictures of Sis Bwith my camera until I got it exactly how she wanted it. had Stake missionary meeting.
Thursday- found out that a Part Member family from my old area, the Mom, is the sister of 1st ward, ward mission leader.
Saturday- we went and met some people from first ward that we did not know, there is a part member family, the mom is a member, that has the last name of Patterson, Bro. Patterson's (great?) Aunt is my Great Grandma Holly... 
so that was awesome to finally meet one of my relatives up here in Idaho.
Sunday was busy like usual but I really enjoyed all the talks, from the farwells and homecomings.

So that has been my week, I hope your's have been great and have a good next week. 
Love, Sister Patterson
 Dear Family, 
Spring break has started here, and so has spring...
Tuesday- District meeting then District Lunch at Dasies which was good. Had our apartment inspection which we passed.
Wednesday-  at dinner we invited one of the Resent Converts (Calvin who is  in high school) and had the second new member lesson with him. our main investigator in first ward, nine year old  had his baptismal interview and he passed, his baptism is on this Saturday
Thursday- Weekly planning and splits with 15th ward, Spring break Started
Friday- Exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, I went to their area with Sister McCallum, it was good.
Saturday- exchanges ended, Progress record, biked out to Sister White's house (usually we get a ride there (it is on a road right at the canyon rim) but it was not too bad)
Sunday- able to make it to both Sacrament meetings and Sunday school, and Relief Society for 15th ward. 
We are pet sitting the K's

  (the people we stay with) fish and bird, it has been fun...

I hope you are all doing well and having fun
Love you and Pray for you,
Sister Patterson

Last 2 weeks of being in Burley and with Sister Mac/Burley homesick

Dear Family,

for the oils, yeah, I have been taking triease almost everyday and I am less than half on on guard.
definitely tell me about the ward boundary changes
I am sorry for Camry.(another sister who is serving in Japan who has matts to sleep on).. I am glad I have a bed.
Tuesday- helped a member shave her dog's hair/ fur (well held the dog while she did it)...
Wednesday- had a few lesson...
Thursday- the whole district came over for a party (more of them all invading our house and eating cake that they brought... Guess Who's coming for dinner was good. Thanks for that surprise, Sis Mac enjoyed it as well since she loves Pizza (she did not enjoy the S mores pizza, Papa Murphys speciality) though, but she did try it)
Friday- zone meeting,}
Saturday- helped at the Bakers (ward Mission leader)
Sunday- fast Sunday, Lesson with Anna (foreign exchange student)
Well that is my week
Thanks for the gifts
Thank aunt Susie too
Sister Patterson
 Dear Family, 
First off I am suppose to ask you, or tell you, that I need to buy a bike. I am currently using a mission bike but apparently I am not allowed to use it the full time, so yeah, email me back about that....
will write you a letter with the new address with more details.
Tuesday- went to say bye to a lot of people, one of the families that we were working with gave me a cookbook from the hospital where he works which was awesome. had Brother Baker, the ward mission leader give me a blessing
Wednesday- transfers... so sad to leave Burley and as Sis Mac said the first time she left Burley "I'm Burley homkesick" Which is so true for me.
The rest of this week has been super busy and we have to bike or find rides everywhere... So Fun... Not... I really dislike biking and just on the way here to the Family History Center this morning I totally biffed it... I'm not hurt just shaken up.
Being over two wards is so busy and confusing, can't remember who is in which ward or even which ward boundary I am in at a given time.
my companion is Sis B, this is her last transfer.

Our district has three sets of Elders and us so, it is interesting...
well I will send pictures in a bit.
Love you all, 
Sister Patterson

January 2015

Dear Family,
Tuesday... went to Twin Falls temple, it was awesome, I loved it, glad that we get to go once every twelve weeks (once every other transfer.
Wednesday... District (plus zone leaders) at the family's home where the other Sisters stay from 6 to 9.... watched Mobsters and Mormons... I have seen it before but I still watched it since there was nothing else to do...
Thursday... nothing exciting, that I can remember
Friday... Zone meeting, challenged to read the Book of Mormon by April... funny thing, I decided to start reading it that morning for personal study (so before found out about the mission challenge
Saturday... nothing that I can remember
Sunday... meeting at 8 another at 9 and church at 11.... NEW INVESTIGATOR! taught lesson 1 at the Ward Mission Leader's home. Got transfer news.... We are STAYING!!!!! :)
Love you all so much,
Sister Patterson
 Dear Dad, Mom, and Sibs,
Thanks so much for the letter here is my week
Monday- pday activity at a family that is in our ward ... the whole zone was there because one of the zone leaders wanted to have it there....
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nothing to exciting that I can remember...
Friday- district meeting, then our zone had song practice for the mission Zone conference that Elder Ballard will be at... it is hymn 72 (i believe) and it says that it is suppose to be sung joyfully, but the way one of the sister's arranged it and we have been practicing it sounds like we are at a funeral.... but she says it sounds good... I don't know though...
Sunday- Elder Allen of the area Seventy was in our sacrament meeting (spoke) and so President Curtis was there as well. It was interesting and went well. President got up to say something (on request of Elder Allen) and said to the members that when they see us, to ask us about or insights in the Book of Mormon since our mission has been challenged to read it all by April (end of)... I am already in Mosiah and I have learned so much already. I Love the Book of Mormon. I am personally hoping to be able to read it twice in that time, but we shall see. 
 Dear Family, 

Tell them that I said hi (and Pres. Layton thanks for the Bday card)
and tell Grandma that is awesome that she is reading the Book of Mormon again as well.! I am already halfway thru Alma and hoping to finish and read it a second time before the deadline in April. 
Not to much exciting going on this past week that I can remember.
Sunday- enjoyed church....
well that is about it that I can remember...
it snowed early this past week but now, the snow is mostly all gone so I can finally wear my boots (the ones I brought from home) instead of snow boots!
I am enjoying the weather here, I know how to layer so I am never cold... and it has been warmer winter so far, in the 30s mostly.... Haha, I know that is cold for you all but it is warm compared to the single digits that it was for a week or two.... :)
Love you all
Sister Patterson
 Dear Family,
Thanks for the quotes! I love them!
I really enjoyed that last Monday. :)
yes, we more focus on reactivation and Part Member Families because that is where most of the work is. Most of our investigators are Part Member Families and another investigator is Living with a member family. 
I really want to Watch Meet the Mormons, I am glad that you were able to.
I am glad that you are enjoying and Celebrating my Birthday(we went out to celebrate)
Monday- zone activity, sports in church culture hall, i stayed on stage with Sister Mac and others talking, and watching the ones playing.
Tuesday- district meeting and lunch
Wednesday- appointment with investigator, reading the Book of Mormon with her
Thursday- weekly planning
Friday- woke up with sore throat... exchanges... went with Sister James

to Rupert... people are nice... used power drill to put siding on a trailer, Bingo at Old folks home (reading the numbers did not help my sore throat), dinner, lesson, visits... one of the visits was to a member family.... they had a son that just returned from Mission in Gilbert, Az found out that he was Sister Adam's district leader at one point (Elder Dayley (don't know if I spelled that right))
Saturday- had lunch at the Bishop's home (he was not there since he was at the Bishop meeting with Elder Ballard) the lady in the picture was her Mom (who is one of the mission nurses) Mission Conference, was at the stake center right next to the temple, they had all the doors locked and had security people. shook hands with Elder Allen, Elder Nash, and Elder Ballard; had a big mission Picture, Burley Zone song our song then we Sat in the front rows... I ended up in the center (or close to it) or the very front row... Elder Nash and Elder Ballard spoke. It was Awesome!
Sunday-nothing too interesting, but throat still sore
well that is all that I can remember, I hope you all have a great week, 
Sister Patterson
Olivia with her trainer Sister Mac, Twin Falls Idaho Temple and Hole in the Rock.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

We had an awesome opportunity to Skype
 with Olivia on Christmas Day, she is doing great and loves her
 mission, we asked her if she ate alot of potatoes and she said
 not anymore  then at home.The members feed them good.

They do not do any tracting just member referrals, 
visiting the less active and doing service. She said it is really cold
 their, they use alot of hand and feet warmers.

Tuesday... went to Twin Falls temple, it was awesome, I loved it, super
 beautiful glad that we get to go once every twelve weeks (once every other
Wednesday... District (plus zone leaders) at the family's home where the 
other Sisters stay from 6 to 9.... watched Mobsters and Mormons... I have 
seen it before but I still watched it since there was nothing else to do...Did not stay up to see the New Year come in.
Thursday... Visiting with members/less actives
Friday... Zone meeting, challenged to read the Book of Mormon by April..
. funny thing, I decided to start reading it that morning for personal study
 (so before found out about the mission challenge
Saturday... Visiting with members/less actives
Sunday... meeting at 8 another at 9 and church at 11.... NEW INVESTIGATOR!
 taught lesson 1 at the Ward Mission Leader's home. Got transfer news....
 We are STAYING!!!!! :)
 Snow on Christmas, something she had never had before.
 Christmas Day..
 A turkey out of a towel, a member showed her how to make, below, skyping at Christmas..

We got a snail mail letter from Olivia yesterday, sometimes I prefer those even though they come
randomly she says more then in her emails, she said that the flu/ stomach bug has been going around
 and both her and 
Her companion had been sick but are doing better now.


Monday- went to Castle book (sorta like Deseret Book) and I picked up angel Moroni
 necklace, and picture of Provo and Twin Falls temples
Tuesday- went and visited with less actives
Wednesday- New Missionary Meeting all morning it was fun to see the others and see 
what had surprised them, I am so glad I went on that mini mission because nothing has
 really surprised me and having the wake up at 5 go to bed at 9 has also helped with 
adjusting to 6:30 to 10:30 and had lunch there, came back and the box from grandparents
 was there tell them I said Thanks, then it was the ward Christmas Party with Ham and
 Baked Potatoes for dinner... kinda reminded me on Acacia's Christmas Party
Thursday- Stayed home all day because Sis Mac not feeling well, Received your package.)

Friday- Exchanges with Sister Training Leaders, I stayed in area with Sister Bigleow

Saturday- Exchanged back... at one of the houses (okay first it was cold and raining
 outside) it was super warm (I was wearing thermals, sweater, tights, and Alaska Jacket
) I started feeling hot and weak (like the one time on my mini mission) so I am so glad that I make sure (yeah, the water up here tastes bad too) that I ether have a
 flavor packet (or part) or watered down power aide in there because that is what
 helped then too... we then went to the Church and Burley second ward (the one that
 the elders across the street are over) was having their second Christmas Party 
(the first one was the kid one on Friday, this one was the Adult one) and one of the
 bishopric invited us to stay (we do not have dinner on Saturday with a family)
 it started with a Christmas Devotional then dinner (Ham, Funeral Potatoes, Cheese
 Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad, and Pie and Ice Cream for dessert) then it ended with a Dance (soo fun to watch!) they then gave us (to share with the Elders) a lot of the leftovers and took us home. 
Sunday- always so busy meeting at 7 church at 9 (will change to 11 next year) another meeting at 2.... 
Answers to Q's: Thursday (Christmas) we are planning on doing it in the evening...
 sometime after dinner (dinner is at 5pm) we have to be back home at 9 (unless
 teaching lesson then it is 9:30) so prob sometime between 6 and 8:30.... remember
 New Missionary Meeting

 New Missionary Meeting

 only 30 to 40 minutes....

.Love you Lots,
Sister Patterson