Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sister Patterson phone call and makes it to Twin Falls.

Well I was going to wait to post this to see where Sister Patterson was going to serve in her 1st area , I guess I will have to wait until p-day to find that out. Both her dad at work and I received a phone call from her from Salt Lake airport yesterday, it was great to talk to her, she sounded wonderful. I was kinda hoping she would leave me a voice mail, so I would not get emotional on the phone and I could listen to her voice. It was great to just talk for a couple of minutes, she was anxious to get to Twin Falls, she enjoyed her time at the MTC as well. We know she got to Twin thanks to some wonderful person (I am thinking Sister Curtis, her mission president's wife) who posted pictures on Facebook. We are anxious to get a letter from her either by snailmail or email. She looks good and I love seeing her smile.
Sister Patterson with President Curtis  top
Sister Patterson and all the new missionaries getting orientated to the misssion

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