Sunday, May 17, 2015

January 2015

Dear Family,
Tuesday... went to Twin Falls temple, it was awesome, I loved it, glad that we get to go once every twelve weeks (once every other transfer.
Wednesday... District (plus zone leaders) at the family's home where the other Sisters stay from 6 to 9.... watched Mobsters and Mormons... I have seen it before but I still watched it since there was nothing else to do...
Thursday... nothing exciting, that I can remember
Friday... Zone meeting, challenged to read the Book of Mormon by April... funny thing, I decided to start reading it that morning for personal study (so before found out about the mission challenge
Saturday... nothing that I can remember
Sunday... meeting at 8 another at 9 and church at 11.... NEW INVESTIGATOR! taught lesson 1 at the Ward Mission Leader's home. Got transfer news.... We are STAYING!!!!! :)
Love you all so much,
Sister Patterson
 Dear Dad, Mom, and Sibs,
Thanks so much for the letter here is my week
Monday- pday activity at a family that is in our ward ... the whole zone was there because one of the zone leaders wanted to have it there....
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nothing to exciting that I can remember...
Friday- district meeting, then our zone had song practice for the mission Zone conference that Elder Ballard will be at... it is hymn 72 (i believe) and it says that it is suppose to be sung joyfully, but the way one of the sister's arranged it and we have been practicing it sounds like we are at a funeral.... but she says it sounds good... I don't know though...
Sunday- Elder Allen of the area Seventy was in our sacrament meeting (spoke) and so President Curtis was there as well. It was interesting and went well. President got up to say something (on request of Elder Allen) and said to the members that when they see us, to ask us about or insights in the Book of Mormon since our mission has been challenged to read it all by April (end of)... I am already in Mosiah and I have learned so much already. I Love the Book of Mormon. I am personally hoping to be able to read it twice in that time, but we shall see. 
 Dear Family, 

Tell them that I said hi (and Pres. Layton thanks for the Bday card)
and tell Grandma that is awesome that she is reading the Book of Mormon again as well.! I am already halfway thru Alma and hoping to finish and read it a second time before the deadline in April. 
Not to much exciting going on this past week that I can remember.
Sunday- enjoyed church....
well that is about it that I can remember...
it snowed early this past week but now, the snow is mostly all gone so I can finally wear my boots (the ones I brought from home) instead of snow boots!
I am enjoying the weather here, I know how to layer so I am never cold... and it has been warmer winter so far, in the 30s mostly.... Haha, I know that is cold for you all but it is warm compared to the single digits that it was for a week or two.... :)
Love you all
Sister Patterson
 Dear Family,
Thanks for the quotes! I love them!
I really enjoyed that last Monday. :)
yes, we more focus on reactivation and Part Member Families because that is where most of the work is. Most of our investigators are Part Member Families and another investigator is Living with a member family. 
I really want to Watch Meet the Mormons, I am glad that you were able to.
I am glad that you are enjoying and Celebrating my Birthday(we went out to celebrate)
Monday- zone activity, sports in church culture hall, i stayed on stage with Sister Mac and others talking, and watching the ones playing.
Tuesday- district meeting and lunch
Wednesday- appointment with investigator, reading the Book of Mormon with her
Thursday- weekly planning
Friday- woke up with sore throat... exchanges... went with Sister James

to Rupert... people are nice... used power drill to put siding on a trailer, Bingo at Old folks home (reading the numbers did not help my sore throat), dinner, lesson, visits... one of the visits was to a member family.... they had a son that just returned from Mission in Gilbert, Az found out that he was Sister Adam's district leader at one point (Elder Dayley (don't know if I spelled that right))
Saturday- had lunch at the Bishop's home (he was not there since he was at the Bishop meeting with Elder Ballard) the lady in the picture was her Mom (who is one of the mission nurses) Mission Conference, was at the stake center right next to the temple, they had all the doors locked and had security people. shook hands with Elder Allen, Elder Nash, and Elder Ballard; had a big mission Picture, Burley Zone song our song then we Sat in the front rows... I ended up in the center (or close to it) or the very front row... Elder Nash and Elder Ballard spoke. It was Awesome!
Sunday-nothing too interesting, but throat still sore
well that is all that I can remember, I hope you all have a great week, 
Sister Patterson
Olivia with her trainer Sister Mac, Twin Falls Idaho Temple and Hole in the Rock.

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