Sunday, May 17, 2015

March 2015/ New Area/ New Companion

Dear Family,
the next temple trip is on Briana's Birthday! will make sure I will do that and take pictures of the temple.
Wow, I am glad that you are all safe, I can't believe that is the second time since I have left that there has been something like that happen to you all.

Monday- went to Shoshone falls!
Wednesday- Elder and Sister B (who are in  1st Ward) fed us dinner! it was awesome!
Thursday- 8 hrs of Weekly Planning then Splits for 15th ward, I went with a newly returned Sister Missionary, she is awesome!
Friday- Zone Meeting
Saturday- Progress records and other Missionary work
Sunday- Regional Broadcast a member of the seventy, 2nd councolor in YW, and Elder Perry spoke! have a new investigator, met her and she is awesome.
Well that is about it, I will send pictures
Love you all!
Sister Patterson
 Dear Family, 
Sounds like you had fun with the inspection at school., I never liked it when they came into our classes, the teachers were always stressed about it. Excited for Kiri M to have her mission call.
Monday, the district played Signs. it was funny to watch.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our zone (or the ones participating) practiced for our musical number.
Thursday zone conference was good.
Friday taught early morning seminary
Saturday helped clean up after the stake women's conference (we were unable to make it)
Sunday had a really busy day planned but almost all of our appointments fell through. 

Love you all,

Dear Family,
Since Sister B is going home, and our area is doing too well to whitewash (putting two missionaries there that have not been there before) I will be staying, I don't know if I am ready to lead and area though. the weather has been nice here... like regular winter back home so have not needed a jacket finally. we might need a frost. 
put your names on the temple prayer roll

Monday- went to hike around Dirkey's (spelling?) lake and hidden lakes for zone activities
Tuesday- district meeting and lunch, then went to the temple! then had to take a ton of pictures of Sis Bwith my camera until I got it exactly how she wanted it. had Stake missionary meeting.
Thursday- found out that a Part Member family from my old area, the Mom, is the sister of 1st ward, ward mission leader.
Saturday- we went and met some people from first ward that we did not know, there is a part member family, the mom is a member, that has the last name of Patterson, Bro. Patterson's (great?) Aunt is my Great Grandma Holly... 
so that was awesome to finally meet one of my relatives up here in Idaho.
Sunday was busy like usual but I really enjoyed all the talks, from the farwells and homecomings.

So that has been my week, I hope your's have been great and have a good next week. 
Love, Sister Patterson
 Dear Family, 
Spring break has started here, and so has spring...
Tuesday- District meeting then District Lunch at Dasies which was good. Had our apartment inspection which we passed.
Wednesday-  at dinner we invited one of the Resent Converts (Calvin who is  in high school) and had the second new member lesson with him. our main investigator in first ward, nine year old  had his baptismal interview and he passed, his baptism is on this Saturday
Thursday- Weekly planning and splits with 15th ward, Spring break Started
Friday- Exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, I went to their area with Sister McCallum, it was good.
Saturday- exchanges ended, Progress record, biked out to Sister White's house (usually we get a ride there (it is on a road right at the canyon rim) but it was not too bad)
Sunday- able to make it to both Sacrament meetings and Sunday school, and Relief Society for 15th ward. 
We are pet sitting the K's

  (the people we stay with) fish and bird, it has been fun...

I hope you are all doing well and having fun
Love you and Pray for you,
Sister Patterson

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