Sunday, May 17, 2015

Last 2 weeks of being in Burley and with Sister Mac/Burley homesick

Dear Family,

for the oils, yeah, I have been taking triease almost everyday and I am less than half on on guard.
definitely tell me about the ward boundary changes
I am sorry for Camry.(another sister who is serving in Japan who has matts to sleep on).. I am glad I have a bed.
Tuesday- helped a member shave her dog's hair/ fur (well held the dog while she did it)...
Wednesday- had a few lesson...
Thursday- the whole district came over for a party (more of them all invading our house and eating cake that they brought... Guess Who's coming for dinner was good. Thanks for that surprise, Sis Mac enjoyed it as well since she loves Pizza (she did not enjoy the S mores pizza, Papa Murphys speciality) though, but she did try it)
Friday- zone meeting,}
Saturday- helped at the Bakers (ward Mission leader)
Sunday- fast Sunday, Lesson with Anna (foreign exchange student)
Well that is my week
Thanks for the gifts
Thank aunt Susie too
Sister Patterson
 Dear Family, 
First off I am suppose to ask you, or tell you, that I need to buy a bike. I am currently using a mission bike but apparently I am not allowed to use it the full time, so yeah, email me back about that....
will write you a letter with the new address with more details.
Tuesday- went to say bye to a lot of people, one of the families that we were working with gave me a cookbook from the hospital where he works which was awesome. had Brother Baker, the ward mission leader give me a blessing
Wednesday- transfers... so sad to leave Burley and as Sis Mac said the first time she left Burley "I'm Burley homkesick" Which is so true for me.
The rest of this week has been super busy and we have to bike or find rides everywhere... So Fun... Not... I really dislike biking and just on the way here to the Family History Center this morning I totally biffed it... I'm not hurt just shaken up.
Being over two wards is so busy and confusing, can't remember who is in which ward or even which ward boundary I am in at a given time.
my companion is Sis B, this is her last transfer.

Our district has three sets of Elders and us so, it is interesting...
well I will send pictures in a bit.
Love you all, 
Sister Patterson

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